North Korea - a prison in the name of country.

North Korea - a prison in the name of country.

Bizzare laws in North Korea. Smiling is banned!

North Korea - a prison in the name of country.

North Korea runs in complete dictatorship of King Kim Jong Un.  It's considered as most secretive country and has made his the people helpless living inside. The country has horrible set of rules that takes away even basic human rights from North-Koreans. Let's see what are the rules and thank our destiny to be born in a country like India where are blessed with sensible constitution.



Only 3 channels are allowed on television.

In North Korea only 3 channels are allowed in television . Everything is controlled by Kim Jong UN's government.

The three generations punishment.

In North Korea if you commit a crime then the three generations of your family will be imprisoned. Poor North Koreans badly needs to be rescued.

28 government approved hairstyles!

You are only allowed to get haircut which is approved by government. Kim Jong Un didn't included his hairstyle in the list as he wanted to look unique. Spike hair are strictly banned as according to Kim Jong Un it's rebellious.

Owning a Bible is a crime.

In North Korea Kim Jong Un into wants everyone to follow him and consider him as god. He consideres Bible as a promoter of western culture and strictly banned Bible in the country.

Government decides who will live in Capital.

Only rich and elite class of people are allowed to live in the capital of North Korea. 

Smiling is banned !

Smiling or talking in a loud tone is banned on 8th June . People are expected to mour for the deceased president.


Jeans are strictly banned

Jeans are considered as symbol of capitalism and is banned in North Korea. It seems in a couple of years Kim Jong Un might start banning pooping too!