Most heartbreaking pictures of syria.

Most heartbreaking pictures of syria.

The hell on earth has galloped thousands of innocent lives!

Most heartbreaking pictures of syria.

The world is witnessing the war that all Syrians have to deal with daily. The kids their fight with the fear of dying daily. Every morning they don't think of living a good day like us, rather they hope for a very basic thing and that is, they just survive for one more day! This unending war has left a scar on Syrian kids which can never be healed. Your heart will succumb to the grief if you will see these pictures of Syrian kids.


Lost childhood.





Struggling to breath.

The buried humanity .

Succumbed to the greeds of other people.

Even the flesh is not spared.

Nothing left.

The innocent surrender.

Heart pounding with sadness.

Cries for help.

Hope in his eyes.

Unknown about the surroundings.

Ugly face of war.



Never ending injustice.