Making the 'Third Gender ' proud.

Making the 'Third Gender ' proud.

Transgenders who are true examples of 'Power'.

Making the 'Third Gender ' proud.

There are many countries where third gender is given the same recognition but in India it's taking people time to accept the third gender i.e. Transgender. In India lawfully Transgenders are accepted but on the level of society they are still not accepted and not given with the respect they deserve like any other man or woman. 

Transgenders are looked down on and they are considered as taboo in India. We need to understand that they are like us there is nothing in them which should make us hate them. Hatred and violence is something which should be hated irrespective of the gender. 

Meet these powerful Transgenders who defied all odds and gender stereotypes and  became prominent personalities by contributing largely to the transgender community and society.

Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki is the founding chief of Sahodri Foundation. She is an entrepreneur who holds a degree in Mass communication and journalism and another degree in International Relations. The vibrant lady has come a really long way and is fighting for transgender rights. She is an activist and works for transgender empowerment.

Rudrani Chettri.

After being rejected repeatedly by many modelling agencies because of gender related taboos , Delhi based Rudrani opened her own modelling agency Mitr Trust. She is one of the most prominent transgender rights activist.

Padmini Prakash.

She is one of the most famous transgender personalities in India. Winner of Miss. Transgender Crown India is also a trained kathak dancer and a voice over artist. To add on to her achievements she became the first transgender news reader when she read her first bulletin for the Coimbatore-based Lotus News Channel. 

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

She is the first transgender person to represent Asia Pacific in the UN in 2008. She is one of the most widely known transgenders in the world. She is a transgender rights activist, Hindi film actor and Bharatanatyam dancer in Mumbai

Manabi Bandopadhyay.

She is an educationist and first in her community to earn PhD. She is one of the most influential transgender personalities in India and has largely contributed to the society. She was the associate professor of Vivekananda Satobarshiki Mahavidyalaya and later became the principal of Krishnagar Women’s College. 

Esther Bharathi.

The first transgender pastor in India changed the way people saw her. Unfortunately because of narrow thinking of people in her village after she baptised into Christianity. People treated her as untouchable and made her feel unaccepted in the society. 

Esther broke all the hurdles and barriers and decided to earn a degree in Theology. She is now the first ever transgender pastor in India and serves in Chengalpattu Evangelical Church of India (ECI). She has set an example for every person who is going through a hard time.

Now the people who use to consider her untouchable calls her home on their special occasions to seek her blessings.

Madhur Kinnar.

Madhu Kinnar was thrown out of her family because of her gender. She made her living by singing and dancing on roads. She has come a long and tough way and has established herself as a folk dancer and Street theatre artist. She is the mayor of Rajgarh Municipal Corporation , Chhattisgarh.

She has worked really hard to even get the basic rights and she knows the importance of it. Now she actively works for social upliftment of people.