India- Country with maximum women pilots in the world.

India- Country with maximum women pilots in the world.

Sky is the limit!

India- Country with maximum women pilots in the world.

Today in every corner we hear the screams of Women Empowerment, where every individual has given his own definition to the same. In the quest of searching the answer we came with the definitions that even didn't stand anywhere near the word Empowerment.

What Women Empowerment literally meant was giving equal rights to women. Bringing in gender equality. Giving them equal chances to live their lives with freedom and independence. Giving them equal opportunities professionally. Educating them so that they can live life on their own terms. Such an example is set by Women Pilots in India by making a record of maximum number of Women Pilots .

Giving new dimensions to Aviation Sector.

Women are excelling in all the fields with their hard work, diligence, compassion and talent. She has explored every corner of the world and her actions are speaking louder than her words. This is a proud moment for India , as India has made a record of having maximum number of women pilots in the world. 

Shubhangi Swaroop- first woman pilot in Indian Navy.

Shubhangi Swaroop native of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh has made history by becoming the first woman to be inducted into the Indian Navy as a pilot.

Conquering aviation sector.

Jayant Sinha who is the Minister of State for Civil Aviation reportedly said that "India is the country with maximum number of women pilots in the world, be it in Air India or Indian Air Force" 

The minister said all this while he addressed a gathering in golden jubilee celebration of Indian Women Pilots Association (IWPA).

He further added that Women has contributed alot to the aviation sector therefore their support is needed to strengthen the area too.


Glorifying name of India.

A big salute to the Women Pilots of India who not only gave wings to their dreams but gave new beautiful wings to the name and honour of India