Haryana Khap encourages women to get out of their veils!

Haryana Khap encourages women to get out of their veils!

A strong step towards gender equality.

Haryana Khap encourages women to get out of their veils!

Since the inception of world, a woman is considered to be vulnerable and lesser gender when it's compared to a man. She is expected to cover herself and bow infront of man as to give him respect of being at a senior stand! 


She has been treated as a lesser important person and has been forced to live life according what other people decide for her, sometimes in the shadow of veil, sometimes in the shadow of being a statue of respect for the family. 

To break this long age so called tradition Haryana's Malik Gathwala Khap made a progressive decision of encouraging women to come out of the 'veil' or 'ghoonghat' and live life freely. 

There was an event organized to commemorate the birth anniversary of its ancestral leader in Sonepat, Gohana town where The Malik Ghathwala Khap made an empowering and progressive announcement that women now don't have to cover themselves in the veil neither outside not inside their homes.

Baljeet Malik ,66 year old chief of Malik Ghathwala Khap reportedly said according to reliable sources that "Time has come to end the age-old traditions that are not relevant today. Expecting women to remain confined under veils is foolishness. It blocks their vision and does not let them breathe properly. Happiness and peace come to those houses where daughters-in-law are loved like real daughters." 

This appreciable step taken by the Khap is a ray of new hope for the women in rural areas who are unfortunately dependent on Khap's decisions to live their life. They can step out of their homes with head held high , with same respect that a man gets.

More than 700 villages across the states of Haryana, Punjab, UP and Rajasthan will now follow the ruling, along with abiding by many measures under the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' movement. The Khap is taking positive and much required steps to bring in the actual Women Empowerment.