A child donates all his saving of $3 to Trump!

A child donates all his saving of $3 to Trump!

See what happened after 9 months.

A child donates all his saving of $3 to Trump!

Donald John Trump has been in the news since he got elected as the 45th president of The United States. We all are aware that since he got the power he announced that he will not take the usual salary of $400,000 that is his annual official wage. He decided to take only $1 as salary. Though the announcement is worth applauses but it's irrelevant as we all know that how Trump can live a luxurious life for decades because of the Trump empire. 


After coming across this news a small boy of age 9 Eli'sha Davies got worried about how Trump will pay his bills or eat food if he will only take $1 as salary! Adorable, isn't it? 

Eli'sha sent an adorable letter to Trump.

The small boy's generosity has gathered all praises as he decided to donate his savings of $3 which he was saving to buy mandolin. 

Example of generosity and humility.

Eli'sha sent a letter to Trump with an envelope carrying $3 . This amount might sound small to everyone but it's a huge amount for a 9 year old who saved the money for his own need but donated it out of concern for Trump's bills.

Eli'sha with proud mother Melissa.

According to the reports Eli'sha asked for his mother's permission before sending all his savings to Trump. Melissa his mother said 'I asked him wether he is thinking of donating all his money as he wanted to buy a musical instrument. He said yes as he was worried about Trump. So, I appreciated him and encouraged him further as he was taking a step towards humility.

To their surprise something happened after 9 months.

After 9 months from sending the letter and money to the President , Eli'sha received a reply from the President !

The envelope contained a response from President Trump and his picture with Vice-President Mike Pence and surprisingly the donated $3 too. 


What Trump wrote in the letter?

In the letter Trump wrote "Think of ways to make a difference in this community using the money and also to 'think big and dream even bigger!'"


What Eli'sha had to say on this.

Eli'sha reportedly said that "He sent it back, so I guess he didn't need it, after all, I think I'm going to save it".