5 most dangerous women criminals of India!

5 most dangerous women criminals of India!

They are living the character of Bholi Punjaban in real!

5 most dangerous women criminals of India!

Whenever we think about a woman, we automatically surround the word with loving , caring, respectful and Decent. Do we normally imagine a woman to be a dreadful criminal? A woman is considered to be an example of tolerance and forgiveness. What if we tell you that there are a few women who are one of the most dangerous criminals in India? Curious? Well here we bring you the most dangerous criminals in India! Look at the faces, and save yourself. 


Can you imagine she started off as a vegetable seller and is now running the biggest gambling dens in east Delhi's Laxmi Nagar. She is involved in 21 criminal cases of gambling and illegal liquor. She has almost everything unlawful in her plate be it attempts to murder, smuggling drugs etc. Not to everyone's surprise her brother is always in the list of most wanted people.

Sonu Punjaban.

This is how a woman is proving to be the biggest enemy of a woman! This lady called as Sonu Punjaban who's originally Geeta Arora was running the biggest ever sex racket in Delhi. She unapologetically forced and drugged young girls into prostitution. She was arrested as there was a 13 year old who accused Sonu of beating her, drugging her into prostitution. The lady has been married twice and both the times her husband died as they were gangsters.


Unable to fetch her picture. She is indeed the grandmother and the godmother of all the sinners and criminals in Delhi. Who could have even thought  that a 62 year old lady is involved extortion, robbery and selling illicit liquor registered against her. This mother of eight kids is on the run along with her husband after she was accused of murder. She is a kidnapper too, and is godmother to many dreadful criminals in Delhi.

Saira begum.

It takes a person decades to earn from real hardwork and build a decent home and own a car. Saira along with her husband ran a sex and human trafficking racket. She was herself a sex worker and then started a racket of the same. She had unbelievable amount of 1crore in her bank account and many luxurious cars and property. 

Ramapreet Kaur.

The lady has refused to work with decency for a living and has chosen the path of deceit and lies to earn her bread for survival.  The reason that she gives for involving herself in crimes is her husband's arrest in 2014 for a murder case. 

She drives bike with a partner sitting at the back, and snatched expensive phones , jewellery, money from people. She has been arrested several times for her crime and the police states that she has been arrested uncountable times and is involved in more than 100 cases. 


Well, crime is crime regardless of what gender you belong to. Life lived by doing wrong karma will never give you right result. These women did live a safe life for many years but they were caught and put behind bars, because that's the place where they actually belong to.