Time to burst the myths surrounding "PERIODS" !

Time to burst the myths surrounding "PERIODS" !

Mentruation is as normal as breathing, so move on.

Time to burst the myths surrounding

If we take some out and make a list of taboos related to mentruation then we will end up writing a novel on it. From not letting a mentruating women enter temple and kitchen to serving her food in different utensils as if she is untouchable. People have made periods appear like a disease which it's not. It's a normal biological function that happens every month in a women's body.

Yes a woman bleeds every month for a set of days and it's completely normal, its high time to get away with it. Here are some myths related to mentruation which needs to be busted.

Myth #1 - Period blood is dirty.

There is nothing dirty about period blood. When the egg is not doesn't get fertilized it sheds out of the body with blood and other vaginal secretions every month. How does this makes period blood impure and dirty ?

Myth #2- Mentruating women contaminates food.

This is beyond explanations. How can food go sour if a mentruating woman is cooking it? This is pure rubbish. Food many not get sour but mind definitely gets sour after hearing such things.

Myth #3 Only 28 days of period cycle is normal.

The period cycle can vary from 21-35 days. It's completely normal not to have a 28 days cycle. There are a few factors that affect the length such a hormonal imbalance, stress, eating habits. As we grow the period cycle tends to get short.

Myth#4 - You can't have sex while mentruating.

The only thing one needs to take care is using a protection! That's it. There is nothing more to it. It's completely normal to have sex in periods. Infact, having an orgasm is an effective way to get rid of ugly cramps.

Myth#5 - It's impossible to get pregnant in periods.

This is the reason why sex education should be mendatory! It's a fact that chances of getting pregnant are low but do you know one fact too? That sperm can stay alive in vagina for 3-5 days!  Don't find reasons to avoid condoms.