These dogs are more than just a cute face!

These dogs are more than just a cute face!

Beware of them!

These dogs are more than just a cute face!

Fogs are the most common animals amongst pet lovers. They are freindly and faithful as we believe, but they can be dangerous too at times. There are a few breeds of dogs can prove extremely dangerous. To keep them in house you need to get them well trained otherwise they can turn into the biggest enemies. Read ahead to see which are the most dangerous breeds of dogs.

Great Dane.

Their built is extremely strong with good height and weight. According to their nature they are extremely emotional, so if trained properly they can be your best mate! But if not trained properly then they can prove to be really fatal as they have great height and weight.

Alaskan Malamute.

This breed is born hunter! They are in constant need to hunt for their food and that can turn out to be fatal if they are allowed in household without training. They learn pretty slowly so one has to be extremely patient.


We all know that boxer are used as guards by forces. They are chosen to do that as they have perfect and strong control on their jaws and their bite is really dangerous. 

As they are naturally dangerous they need to be trained professionaly first and then allowed to enter household.

Wolf Hybrid.

They are less likely to be considered as pets. Their nature is extremely aggressive and dominating.


Just look at their strong built. If they bite anyone it's impossible to set yourself free from those sharp teeth. They are extremely dangerous if not trained properly.