'Mumbai local' - Lifeline for Mumbaikars.

'Mumbai local' - Lifeline for Mumbaikars.

Amazing facts about Mumbai local!

'Mumbai local' - Lifeline for Mumbaikars.

If you have been to Mumbai even once in your life then you must be aware about how local trains their is lifeline for all Mumbaikars. 85% of Mumbaikars travel daily from Mumbai Locals. In the City of Dreams that never sleeps the Mumbai local connects any place in Mumbai withing minutes. The maximum time taken from reaching b point from a point is 1 hour. Now what can be better than this? 

The unimaginable comfort of local trains can't be realised until you visit Mumbai and enjoy the train once. If you travel by road here, if you are taking 1 hour to reach your destination the Mumbai local will drop you in half an hour or maybe even lesser than that. 

Shout out loud to the Mumbai local and let's know some facts about Mumbai local.

Holds historical importance.

CST - Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was earlier called Boring Bunder station. This railway system was the first railway network built in Asia. The architecture and design of th station is built by British. 16th of April,1853 was the proud day when first momentous train journey took place along 34km route. 

The first train ran between Thane and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. 

Huge network.

There is no place in Mumbai where the local train network doesn't reaches. It's too vast that it streches upto 400 km.

Indeed the lifeline!

Whole Mumbai relies on local trains for their daily up down to college, office, school, market etc. The network is so updated and on time that nobody can be late to work. The network is really frequent and runs a surprising number of 2,300 trains everyday.  

Manages 2.2 Billion passengers annually.

85% of Mumbaikars depends on railway network to commute which makes railway network the busiest commuting system. Unbelievable number of people traveling daily from the local train system is proportional to the entire population of Singapore!

Respects time.

Respecting the fact that whole Mumbai depends on the railway system, the frequency of trains is unbelievable. Great frequency of trains enables people to save their time and reach to their destination always on time.

The city never sleeps, so does the railway system!

The Mumbai local system never sleeps just like the city. Stating the obvious, to keep the people going how can the heart stop beating? Mumbai local trains only rests between 2:30 to 4:15 late night. 

The trains resume at 4:15. 

The incredible local network of Mumbai trains makes Mumbai truly beautiful and amazing.