Make your hair summer ready!

Make your hair summer ready!

Follow these tips to save your hair.

Make your hair summer ready!

Stressful schedules, scorching sun and dusty environment are the biggest enemies of our hair. We regularly do something or the other for our face to make it look beautiful and somewhere we ignore our hair's health. We only start taking care of them once they start falling and the speed is unstoppable. Here are the tips to revive your hair for the summer look!

Shampoo twice in a week.

The best nutrients for our hair are the natural oils present in our scalp. Washing hair with shampoo too frequently washes off the natural oils making our hair look frizzy often. Wash your hair with shampoo 2 or maximum 3 times in a week to maintain the natural oils of hair.

Loose your hair free and let the skin breath.

In summers make sure you are loosing your hair free and making high loose ponytails sk that the nape's skin can breathe. Tight ponytails can loosen the ends of your hair.

Condition your hair with love.

In summers because of heat and dust the hair demands extra attention. Make sure you condition your hair right after shampooing. It will restore the shine and health of your hair.

Keep a home-made hair spray handy.

Home-made hair spray is an essential that should be in your vandaag always. You can make it by mixing aloe vera juice with avocado oil. The spray can be used anywhere and anytime you feel that your are looking lifeless. The mixture brings back the moisture of hair.

Use wide comb.

Wet hair are most vulnerable of getting pulled out from the roots. Keep a wider comb to brush your wet hair.

Cover your hair.

The best way to protect you soft hair from the evil sun is to cover them. Prevention is always better than cure.