Love yourself , be your own Valentine!

Love yourself , be your own Valentine!

Being single is the most wonderful thing in this world.

Love yourself , be your own Valentine!

The idea of being in a relationship, being commited or being in love is too overrated and one dimensional.  It is restricted to having a boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband. Do you ever think about loving yourself first? Being commited to yourself and to your dreams? Being in love with yourself and choosing the best for you?

Love is all about giving and once you start giving something to yourself, you are nourishing yourself which will help you to grow. When you start taking good care of yourself and start loving yourself , you become more sensitive towards other people which enables you to love them in a better way.

Here are all the reasons which will make you believe how being single is the most wonderful thing in the world.  

It makes you stronger.

Being single definitely makes you stronger as you don't depend on the other person for emotional or any kind of support. You are your own escape. It makes you wiser as you yourself take your decision with no other influence. Decisions which go right makes you confident and which doesn't go right makes you wiser and gives you experience.


You value independence more.

Being completely on your own and enjoying independence is completely blissful. Independence is something which everybody deserves, and have a right to. You start valuing your independence more and know how important it is to be free. How important it is to be able to take your decisions yourself, doing whatever you want to. 

Most importantly the pizza is completely yours.

This is the most important and unavoidable thing. Pizzzzzzaaa!! It's all yours. You don't have to be nice and share your priceless pizza with anyone. The whole pizza and couch is yours and you are the king/queen of your throne.

Rule it the way you want.

You have quality time for yourself.

Being single enables you to give quality time to yourself. It's very important to take some quiet time out for yourself where you just think about yourself. Think about all the good things , make yourself feel good about yourself and do self introspection.

This allows you to understand yourself better and you take better decisions in life.

You realise waxing is a choice not a compulsion.

Now that's funny! You don't have to keep yourself clean and waxed as you never know when the love boils and lands you between the sheets. However waxing or being completely clean and hairless is too overrated. Being single makes you realise it's just hair, bloody hair which are naturally there on body and waxing them should be a complete choice not a compulsion.

You have all the time and money to pamper yourself.

One of the better things you can do in your life is pamper yourself. Single-hood allows you to pamper yourself from head to toe without being dependent on anyone. You are saved from all disappointments and expectations, all you are left with is your expectations from yourself. 

Treat yourself good and love yourself the most.

Being alone is not being lonely, rather it's liberating.

Tagging loneliness with being alone is the most stupid thing we do. 

Being alone and single is so liberating if used properly you can't even imagine. It's peaceful. Remember once you start enjoying your own company life gets way better and when everyone will start understanding the actual meaning of love, crimes , hatred , suicides will automatically decrease.

Love yourself because ultimately you are your own solace.