Here are the meanings of the most common dreams.

Here are the meanings of the most common dreams.

The unsolved mystery of dreams.

Here are the meanings of the most common dreams.

One of the most undefined part of a Human's life is ' Dreams'. A few people says that they are a source of letting us know hints about our future , some says it's just a series of events played by sub-conscious part of our brain. No one has the answer about what actually dreams are. The mysterious part is , we all get a few dreams which are common. Scientists have come with possible meanings of some dreams, here are those common dreams and their possible meanings. Check out if you want to know why you get those dreams.

Falling in your dream.

This is one of the most common dreams found to be dreamt by most of the people. There can be two possibilities when we talk a out falling. One can be falling out of fear and other can be falling because of happiness. If you dream about falling out of fear it means that you are anxious and insecure about something in your life and the other situation represents that you are accepting towards changes in your life.

Death in dream.

Nothing is as certain as death in life. Death in dreams shouldn't be considered scary or as a nightmare because it somewhere suggests you to end something in your life which is not proving to be fruitful to you. It can be your job, a relationship of your life, or anything. 

It indicates that you need to end the unnecessary and start a fresh!

Flying in dream.

How amazing it may sound. Dreams have always amazed us in some way or the other. If you see that you are flying in your dream then it's a wake up call for you that someone is stopping you from moving ahead in your life. 


Paralysing in dream.

This dream often represents that there is an overlap between the REM stage (the rapid eye movement stage that lasts around 10 minutes which usually happens after having been asleep at least 90 minutes) and the waking stage of sleep. This is one of the most often experienced dream, which also represents that you have less control over your life and you need to start working on it. 

Chasing in dream.

Life and it's aspects will never stop teaching you lessons, so does the dreams. If you dream of getting chased by someone then it reflects that you are running away or ignoring something in life which needs to be addressed. 

Nudity in dream.

Finding oneself is the unending journey in life. If you experience being nude in your dream it clearly stats that you are unable to find yourself or unable to find the real you. The constant need of finding the true you is triggered by such dreams.

Monsters in dream.

Nightmares! Something that leaves everyone in a deep thought. If you witness demonic activity or or monsters in your dreams then it represents that that you are looking for a good change in your life.