Guide to make your Valentine's Day extremely special!

Guide to make your Valentine's Day extremely special!

Let the love be everywhere.

Guide to make your Valentine's Day extremely special!

February! a month that brings along a lot of calmness and love with it. The month has a very suttle and beautiful vibe that makes us feel light about the world. The biggest reason is Valnetine's Day! A day when the couples not only make each other feel extremely special but succumb to tension of what to do to make the other feel special! Relatable? 

To ease down your tensions and confusions about what to do on Valentine's and how to make your partner the best. Here is a perfect guide for all you mighty couples. Ditch materialistic ideas and land in real world of love where you need no artificial rings and gifts to make your partner feel good. Small gestures of love and kidness can make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.

Recreate your memories.

Handmade things are more effective than purchased ones because there is a lot of effort and hardwork into it. Recreate your old memories by planning the whole Valentine's at your home. Hang your pictures , letters on the wall and put some fairy lights around and you are good to go!

Ditch fancy places and create your own romantic place.

Going out in a fancy restaurant or a lavish place is too mainstream. Create your own romantic space by just lighting up candles and spreading rose petals around. It's way cheaper than those materialistic restaurants and you have all the privacy in the world.

Make handmade gifts!

Make something for your partner. Its not important to be an artist to make something. Make a simple card or write your feelings on a card and nicely present it to your partner. The efforts only will make your partner fall for you over again.

Cook together.

After creating romantic space at home, cook along with your partner. Cooking together will be therapeutic for you and your partner as busy working lives keep us away from these homely and relaxing things. This will bring you close to your partner emotionally.

Sit peacefully and talk!

Enjoy the home-cooked meal together at your created space. It gets impossible to sit peacefully and talk at a restaurant as there are many people around. Sitting together at you created space with home cooked food will make you feel relaxed and satisfied.

Take shower together.

After an amazing and delicious dinner, shower together! Yes, there is nothing better than showering with your partner. Decorate the bathroom with candles and rose petals and enjoy the blissful moments without any disturbances.

Spend some intimate and cozy moments.

After the refreshing and romantic shower slip into the bedsheets with some wine and give yourself completely into your partner. Sharing intimate moments with your partner, hugging, kissing, cuddling brings you close emotionally. Nothing can be better than spending a whole day with your partner cooking, talking , eating and making love.