Do You Hug Your Partner Like This? This Is What It Says About Your Relationship

Do You Hug Your Partner Like This? This Is What It Says About Your Relationship

Couples, you must give a look

Do You Hug Your Partner Like This This Is What It Says About Your Relationship

There is something about relationships that sound mysterious to all of us. When we are in a relationship, we count all the de-merits and daily troubles or the issues a couple generally goes through and on the other hand, when we enjoy our 'I'm single' phase, we try every means to get mingle so as to love and feel loved by the special one.

However, no matter what, we cannot deny the fact that being in a relationship gives us wonderful feeling. The idea of getting pampered, loved, special attention and of course someone who stands by you on every high and low situation is no less than anything in this world. And you know what makes this relationship even stronger? Well, it is the closeness two people in love share.

This closeness can be anything even a hug too. Yes, a simple hug also can determine a relationship's strength and status.

If you wanna check what does your way of hugging says about your relationship, scroll on further...

Never-let-you-go hug

If you hug your partner so tight to show that you never want them to go away from you then it means you are in a serious relationship and you prioritize your bond more than anything else in the world. This type of hug is also known as Deadlock.

Well, the frequent hugs like this also show insecurity and fear of losing significant other.

Door Se Dosti Wali Hug

You might have seen a kind of hug that doesn't involve any contact with the lower body parts of others. Hugging without much contact signifies that either your partner doesn't feel comfortable with you or is disheartened with you regarding some matter. If you and your partner are actually sharing this hug then you need to talk!

Hug that involves her legs wrapped around his waist

This hug simply denotes that the couple is enormously attracted to each other and sure they have an amazing life in their bedroom.


Hug in which one is excited and other is not

This hug can be understood through 'one-way lane'. I mean, one person is likely attracted to another but another one hardly shows any excitement or interest. In these kinds of matters, you need to be alert towards your relationship as simple, a single person cannot alone strengthen the relationship.

Side hug or buddy hug

This hug is self-explanatory so I'll be brief about it. A couple generally does this side hug only when they share 'best-friends' kind of relationship between them. Before seeing each other as partners, the couple tends to be good friends and carry a strong friendly kind of relationship along with them.

Pervert hug

Hugging girl in public, grabbing her ass and pulling towards you passionately and all kind of PDA moments also tell about a relationship. Like, if a guy does so, he might appear as a pervert to all and his intentions as immodest.

Truly, madly, deeply in love kind of hug

If you hug your partner irrespective of where are you, what others would think then it only means that you hardly give a damn about public and are in limitless yet true love respectively.

Also, you just love to express your love in every manner possible.