Avoid these habits to maintain professionalism.

Avoid these habits to maintain professionalism.

Professionalism begs you the best promotions.

Avoid these habits to maintain professionalism.

When you are at your work place there a few things that counts in professionalism. From the way you dress to how you behave even when nobody is looking is what makes you a true professional. The scenario of professional life has changed over a couple of decades, as people have become more particular about how they dress up, how they attend their meetings, mails , how they conduct themselves infront of colleagues etc. 

There are a few habits that a few people tend to show in the work environment which affects their image professionally. Avoid these habits to maintain professionalism at work place.

Avoid attending personal calls.

Stating the obvious though, but many people take this obvious fact of not attending personal calls much in office as a joke. They attend their personal calls while working , and become a centre of attraction to everyone. 

Making or attending small important personal calls in low tone which doesn't disturb anyone is fine. But fighting with your husband/wife over phone loudly while in office or just simply chit chatting with friends over phone should be avoided.

Constantly being on Instagram while in office.

While working in office we all tend to get bored and it's quite normal, too de-stress ourselves we scroll through social media or sometime and it's fine. When we work , it's fine to have a few minutes of enjoyment but being constantly on Instagram and scrolling through pictures all the time is strict unprofessionalism.


Crying and whining all the time.

When we are in a working environment things will turn sour sometimes. Neither you can be happy with everyone all the time neither you can make everyone happy everytime. As we are individuals we will differ in our views so whining all the time in office infront of colleagues will only make you a laughing stock for others.

Being late all the time.

Work is worship and this saying is actually the true key to success. Many people take their work for granted and think that they are doing a favour on company by attending the office. But we should understand that our work makes us earn bread for our living.

The place which is giving you  the return and result of your hardwork should be treated with utmost respect . Coming to office late almost daily and giving lame reasons for the same should be avoided. 


Being to lazy to respond.

Always remember that taking work for granted or just being inactive and lazy on the office desk and not responding to your work mails isn't cool at all. Instead of you are active in your work then you can get many advantages later.  If you are active in your work then people will applaud you and if any day you are not well they will happily exempt you from working much.