7 Secrets Of Your Boyfriend’s Life That He Has Kept Hidden From You Till Now

7 Secrets Of Your Boyfriend’s Life That He Has Kept Hidden From You Till Now

It is not only about ex-es!

7 Secrets Of Your Boyfriend s Life That He Has Kept Hidden From You Till Now

Without a second thought, Relationships are tough and tricky and when it is a new one then things turn out to be even tougher. Ask couples and they would say that there’s nothing they haven’t seen in a relationship. From ups and down to happiness and emotional stability to nerve-wrecking arguments, every couple goes through them when in a relationship.

And amidst all, what is important to make a relationship a long-lasting one? It is simple, Transparency. Telling everything to each other is a way to develop trust in a relationship and make it successful. But somehow partners fail to do so.

Well, to all the women, if you have been thinking that your man is hiding something from you, you can check out here as we have, here, highlighted those secrets that boyfriends, in general, miss out telling their baes or never wanted to tell so.

Have a brief look.



1. All about his exes!

It is quite normal to know that your man was in a few relationships earlier in past and perhaps, he would surely tell you that he had some affairs or flings back then but at the same time he would also ensure that in any case you don’t get stumbled upon the names of his ex-girlfriends or get to know them in person even by chance. Reason being he doesn’t want to see his present bond with you get affected by his past mistakes. 

2. Health and Illness

For obvious reasons, boys never talk about their sickness or share about it with their girlfriends. Maybe your man hides about his condition when he falls ill because he cannot see you getting worried or worked up too much for it.

3. Touching of his wallets and cell-phones

No guy in this world could feel good on seeing his mobile phone or wallet in hands of his girlfriend. If you are that kind of lady who likes checking your man’s phone then you need to start checking your actions because this is what he never likes but doesn’t say you.

4. Bad habits that go rare

How could you expect that your man would tell you about his bad propensities? Well, guys, generally, do not reveal about their bad habits like smoking, drug use or alcohol. Though with time, they’d tell you but only when you ask them.

5. Eye on other women

This goes even without mentioning that it is a man’s tendency to check out others girls even being in a serious relationship. So, if you see him seeing another girl, don’t question to confirm as he will never tell you or admit it.

6. Sexual fantasies

You might not know but women have been found to carry higher sexual urge than men. However, men possess already pre-set fantasies in their minds that they feel reluctant to share it with their spouse or girlfriends.

7. Feeling of insecurity

Yes, you read that right. Boys do feel insecure and even more than girls but hardly tell or show it off. They keep their insecurities (like physique or in satisfaction sense) hidden until you find it or read it by their face or body language.

8. Morning Wood

The secret of Morning Wood or the boner in the morning is something that men generally hide. The reason of their morning wood can be the sexual fantasies that they dream of at night and find it uncontrollable in morning.