5 magic vegetables that will help you build muscles.

5 magic vegetables that will help you build muscles.

Here is the money saver for you!

5 magic vegetables that will help you build muscles.

If you are a big fitness freak or a gym person then you can relate to the pressure in pocket when it comes to bying protein for muscle building. Apart from paying for the gym membership the need of paying a fortune for protein makes you think twice about hitting gym. To everyone's rescue here are a few vegetables that will help you build muscles. They are great substitute for protein powder and are indeed pocket friendly. Let's see what are these Vegetables and get set hit the gym !

Leafy Greens.

This is one of the best vegetables supplement for protein. Spinach and kale hold immense nutrition quality and has protein in it and definitely affordable too. You can have these leafy greens in salads or simply boiling them and eating them as whole meal. Being a vegetarian can be boring sometimes but it's highly affordable and healthy too.

Brusells sprouts.

Brussels sprouts are double gain supplements. There are two things extremely necessary when you hit the gym and start working on your muscle building i.e. Fibre and Protein. Brussels sprouts have abundance of both of them. A cup of brusells sprouts can give you upto 4 grams of protein. 


Broccoli has a crunchy nature. Munching broccoli can never be boring if they are seasoned properly. Greens might get boring sometimes but if seasoned properly then they are the best and the most affordable options. 2 cups of broccoli can give you 5graks of protein and broccoli has great amount of protein.


Mushrooms are extremely healthy for body. Even if you are planning to hit the gym or not , if you want to live a healthy life one must include mushrooms in diet . Mushrooms are extremely rich in antioxidants which is important for immunity and heart. Mushrooms have abundance of vitamins. To add cherry in the top, mushrooms are extremely rich in protein.

Beet Greens.

Beetroot has medicinal quality. It tastes good too. Beetroot greens hold alot of protein and can be eaten on daily basis as they taste fine and can be taken in juice or in food as well.