12 life changing trips in a year- Nancy Johri.

12 life changing trips in a year- Nancy Johri.

Travelling is the new teacher, check out the lessons!

12 life changing trips in a year- Nancy Johri.

Life is beautiful. Everybody says this but how many of you have literally lived this saying? Life is a subject that can never be taught in a classroom or in a period of 40 minutes. Life in itself is an institution where experiences are lessons. Such a list of lessons is shared by a travel blogger Nancy Johri who set out on an enriching and liberating journey of life.

She embarked on 12 trips, one trip in a month and the life lessons she has learnt are worth sharing. Take ten minutes out from your busy lives and give a read to her experiences and let's live life with her eyes. Here are the lessons that she learnt from the places she visited.

January - Shimla.

Life lesson #1.

You’re a lot more capable than you ever thought you could be.


February - Prashar Lake.

Life lesson #2

Be humble whenever possible.


March- Ranthambore.

Life lesson #3

Optimism brings you good luck.

April - Meghalaya.

Life lesson #4

Fearlessness wins.

May- Kasauli.

Life lesson #5

The joy, sometimes, is in the simplest beauty.

June- Maharashtra.

Life lesson#6

The best things in life are free of cost.

July- Chail.

Life lesson #7

Live in the moment.

August- Udaipur.

Life lesson #8

The world isn’t as scary as you’ve been lead to believe.

September- Uttarakhand.

Life lesson #9

Leaving your comfort zone will surprise you.

October - Bir.

Life lesson #10

Trying new things gives immense pleasure.

November- Dharmshala.

Life lesson #11

The key to happiness is in your own pocket.

December - Srilanka.

Life lesson #12

Appreciating and learning from another culture enhances your knowledge.