Weird backgrounds caught in selfies!

Weird backgrounds caught in selfies!

Epic selfie fails "caught in act".

Weird backgrounds caught in selfies!

We are living in times where we see each other more in pictures rather than in person. These people clicked selfies just for the heck of it which resulted in hilariously awful pictures. Let's have a look at these weird selfies and save ourselves from getting photobombing and not mindlessly click selfies like them!  

Pooping it right?

Trying to poop harder but smile is still intact!

Boyfriend sneaks in again!

Really? Now that's new level of "Forever Alone selfie" 


Here comes the intruder.

Caught in the Act!

Clearly the bull got it shit right!

Well! Just a sight Momma!

The kid got his eyes freeze by this weird pose of his Mom. 

Dad has got no chill!

Dad's belly speaks more than Shakira!

Leave me alone!

When you love your brother way too much to let him be!

I, Me, Myself!

This girl actually needs a nose job done!

You got the wrong hole though!

This beautiful selfie caught a really private humping moment.

now that's the king of photobombing.

When you see it!

This picture truly justifies the cutest smiles have the naughtiest mind.