Funny useless inventions!

Funny useless inventions!

3rd will tickle your rib bones.

Funny useless inventions!

As useless as it gets. The idea of inventing machines was to reduse human effort and increase efficiency. But these inventions changed the whole idea of machines and resulted in hilarious outcome. From noodle fan to shoe umbrella the uselessness is screaming hard to be rescued. Get ready to loose your senses to these useless inventions.

Baby Mop.

Can it get more hilarious? This is a life saviour for all the elder siblings who are given with the responsibility to clean the house. Get these baby mops for your younger siblings and set them free to crawl.

Wig Hat.

Here is a perfect invention to make you look the biggest dumb ass! Wear this wig hat and make people laugh at you!

Phone Fingers.

A condom for your finger to protect your expensive phones screen from smudges or scratches! Beware, the condom might tear and give you sleepless nights.

Steering wheel laptop desk.

This invention took the word workaholic way too seriously!

Butter Stick.

To the lazy bums their who are too bored to wash knives grab the butter stick and bombard your bread with butter.

Shoe Umbrella.

Obsessed with your shoe collection? Here is the right thing for you. Grab these shoe umbrellas and let the people mock the monkey out of you.

Toilet Golf.

At one time get one shit right at the right hole! 

Privacy Scarf.

Teenagers living in joint families will cry out of joy with this invention. Struggle of minimising private tabs on desktop is finally over guys!

Walking Sleep Bag.

Walking dead story is happening to be true!

Noodle Fan.

The one who invented the noodle fan and the people who are actually using it, really needs to get a life! Seriously? Noodle Fan?