Meet the sexiest women in the world!

Meet the sexiest women in the world!

The list will set your eyes on fire.

Meet the sexiest women in the world!

Being sexy isn't limited to beautiful hot curves , sizzling style, droolworthy body. Sexy is attitude and character. The way these women walk, talk and carry themselves have made them rock the list of top sexiest women in the world and we can't get enough of them. Without wasting much time let's brace ourselves and let the hotness begun!

10. Kim Kardashian.

This American actress and renowned television star made headlines when her sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J was leaked in 2007. With her rare and voluptous curves she made it at the 10th spot in the ranking of world's sexiest women.

9. Kate Upton

This 25 years old American actress and model grabbed the 9th spot in the list. She is well known for her appearance in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue.

8. Mila Kunis

Hot Mila Kunis is again an American model and actress. Undoubtedly American beauties have stolen the show. Mila is best known for her role in 70's show as Jackie. Her killing features and amazing figure made her all deserving to grab the 8th spot.  

7. Kendall Jenner.

An American hot model and television actress shot to fame from Keeping up with the Kardashians! has set the camera on fire with her sexy assets. Hotness is indeed overloaded here. 

6. Megan Fox.

She is an Americal model and actress. Well known for her rolling stone and maxim magazine. Her distinguished eyes and goddess like body has raised the temperature.

5. Jessica Alba

This American model and actress does not need any introduction. She has been ranked as no. 1 sexiest actress by Askmen's and FHM.


4. Jennifer Lawrence.

This beautiful Hollywood actress was highest paid actors in Hollywood in 2015-2016. Her films grossed over 5.5billion worldwide. She shot to huge fame from Hunger Games. Her perfect hour glass figure landed her on 4th rank.

3. Katy Perry.

On number 3 we have Katy Perry, this multitalented American Singer, Song writer and Actress has turned all the eyes around by her attractive body.

2. Michelle Keegan.

Here the heartbeats raises! Michelle is an English actress working in TV Series and Soaps. She was on number 1 in the list of sexiest women in 2015 by FMH. Let us see who replaced her !

1. Candice Swanepoel.

This South African model is the sexiest women on earth. She is the face of Victoria Secret and regardless to say she is indeed the sexiest women with sexy face, sexy smile and sexy attitude.