Life is precious, know the signs of Cardiac Arrest.

Life is precious, know the signs of Cardiac Arrest.

Recently world lost a gem due to cardiac arrest, lets know it's symptoms.

Life is precious, know the signs of Cardiac Arrest.

Recently the world has got a cardiac arrest when woke up to the news of Indian legendary actress Sridevi's sad demise because of Cardiac Arrest!  She was in Dubai for a family wedding and the whole kapoor clan was enjoying to the fullest until 24th night when Sridevi was found in bathtub lifeless by husband Boney Kapoor and was rushed to the hospital. She was reportedly dead before reaching the hospital out of Cardiac Arrest. 

According to her family she had no heart disease history , her dying out of Cardiac Arrest is still shocking for them. Let us know some important things about cardiac arrest, as this should be taken as a wake up call that life is indeed unpredictable and should be taken utmost care of. 

What is Cardiac Arrest?

It is a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to effectively pump. It is not heart attack, people often confuse it with heart attack. Both Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attacks are different and needs to be treated differently.

Signs and Symptoms.

Though according to the sources Cardiac Arrest do not show any signs in almost 50% of people. It is mostly expected when a person is really Ill and is expected to die. When the arrest occurs, the most obvious sign of its occurrence will be the lack of a palpable pulse in the person experiencing it .

There are a few people who experience a few non specific signs like blackout, chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, vomiting , weakness and shortness of breath. The flow of the blood to the brain is disturbed and if not treated in few minutes the person dies.


As we mentioned earlier that Cardiac Arrest happens when there is a loss of blood and Heart is unable to pump blood effectively.

If one has coronary artery disease then you are most likely prone to Cardiac Arrest. This is one of the major reasons. Another reasons are lack of oxygen, or sudden loss of blood can cause Cardiac arrest. 

Another very dangerous cause is heart attack or heart failure. To be noted Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest are two different things. Very low potassium in body and extensive physical exercise can also cause Cardiac Arrest.


Heart is healthy, you are healthy.

All the mentioned signs, symptoms and causes will help you identify this deadly condition to which people untimely succumb to. Take care of your sensitive heart and gift yourself a healthy and prosperous life.