Late Sridevi's property will not be inherited by Boney Kapoor!

Late Sridevi's property will not be inherited by Boney Kapoor!

The untimely death of superstar Sridevi left everyone shocked.

Late Sridevi's property will not be inherited by Boney Kapoor!

Sridevi wasn't just an actress. She was an institution herself. Her untimely death, is the death of an era. She was the first female superstar of bollywood. In 90s she was the highest paid actress and love of many young hearts. Her premature and sudden death has raised many questions about her property. 

She was shockingly found drowned in bath tub by her husband Boney Kapoor in Dubai where she decided to stay post her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding for shopping. Boney Kapoor gave her a surprise visit their and decided to take out for a date. To his shock when he noticed there was response from her , he opened the bathroom and found her motionless inside bathtub.

Sridevi's death left the biggest question unanswered that who will be the owner of her property now. According to the sources Sridevi's annual income was close to 13 crore per annum.  Her sudden death has raised a question that she might have got murdered as she had huge property. Although the question was answered by the medical reports as the reports proved that she died because of accidental drowning.

Sridevi had a total property of Rs 247 crore which includes her lavish bungalows and luxury cars. She had bought 7 luxury cars with her money. The estimated value of these cars is Rs 9 crore. These include two Bentley cars as well having a value of about Rs 2 crore. Apart from these, Audis and Fords also comprise her collection. She had also bought 3 lavish bungalows having a value of close to Rs 62 crore. These include her bungalows in Versova and Lokhandwala.

According to reliable sources Sridevi's property will be inherited by her daughters Jhansi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. Her daughters are direct hirer of her huge property and no other person holds any right in her property.

The rumours of Boney Kapoor getting the share out of Sridevi's property is dismissed. Boney Kapoor has reportedly no share in Sridevi's 300 crore property. Boney Kapoor who is extremely shocked and saddened by his help ed sudden death was caught stating that their lives will never be the same. All he will do now is protect his daughters from everything.