All you need to know about KBC 9 first Crorepati!

All you need to know about KBC 9 first Crorepati!

How she amazed us with her selfless approach.

All you need to know about KBC 9 first Crorepati!

KBC - Kaun Banega Crorepati  is a show that is a part of our childhood and an integral part of every person's life in India who wants to sit on that inviting hot seat infront of the legend Amitabh Bachchan and win that huge price money. KBC changed the idea of game shows on television and gave a new dimension to the structure of game shows by giving utmost importance to knowledge and giving chance to an ordinary person to make it big in his life.

Such a chance was grabbed by a home-maker and an NGO activist ANAMIKA MAJUMDAR who left everybody tiring their hands out of applauding for her by winning 1 Crore in KBC season 9.

Let's have a look at the moments from the show.

Anamika Mazumdar with Big B.

Anamika Mazumdar is a native of Jamshedpur is a home-maker and an NGO activist. She is happily married and proud mother of two kids. She runs an NGO called Faith In India - Female Aura that functions in rural areas of Jharkhand.

Winner of 1 Crore.

This selfless lady after winning such a big amount - After winning one crore, Mr. Bachchan told me that I must use this huge amount wisely and not take any hasty decision. I want to wait for this excitement to subside and then take the right step," she said according to Hindustan Times report. 

Confused after winning 50 lakh.

She reportedlysaid that after winning 50 Lakhs she become nervous and started taking more time to answer the questions as obvious as it sounds, anybody would loose their mind after winning such a big amount.

Her lifelines were over too and the last few seconds of 1 Crore question changed her life for good as she knew that impulsiveness would take away the joy of winning from her.

Mazumdar is witty too!

Struggling between mixed feelings of heaviness in heart and joy of winning, Mazumdar said that after given a choice of playing the question worth 7 crore she chose not to as she didn't wanted to take risk. The winner was witty enough to changed the heavy hearted moment into a light one by saying that she didn't wanted to cry as it would spoil her kajal ! But the moment was so dreamy and unbelievable that she couldn't control herself from crying.

This amazing winner of KBC season 9 is a gift to humanity and live example of selflessness that she wants to put her winning amount into her NGO and help the people in need.

Big congratulations to her.