8 Most Haunted Places That Will Raise Your Pulse!

8 Most Haunted Places That Will Raise Your Pulse!

Can your heart handle these haunted places?

8 Most Haunted Places That Will Raise Your Pulse!

The need to get thrilling adrenaline rush, people have explored every possible adventure in the world. Biggest of them is exploring Spooky and Haunted Places in every corner of this world. There have been people who have even lost their lives in the quest of exploring these haunted places. For some its fun and adventurous while other keep themselves away frm these unexplained, possessed places. Let's have a look at some of the spine chilling places in india.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan.

This town and the fort in Rajasthan is one of the most talked about haunted places in India. It is even spotted in top 10 haunted places in the world. This abandoned place and fort is said to be cursed by a dying magician who was killed by a princess whom he wanted to cast a spell on, to make her love him back. The fort is closed for people from sunset to sunrise. The place and fort have been visited by famous paranormal investogator teams also, and their have been evidences of paranomal activity. It is believed that one can hear screaming and footsteps of a woman. 

Mukesh Mills,Mumbai.

Mukesh Mills were shut after a fire was broke down in the mill after it was constructed in 1870. It is considered to be one of the most possessed places in India, and there have been a few incidences that makes the belief stronger. The place has been a shooting spot for a few movies, and it is said that actors have felt uneasy and uncomfortable many times while shooting. Till now nobody has dared to step inside the mills post sunset.



Delhi Cantonment.

The Delhi Cantt. area is considered one of the most beautiful spots in delhi, but as soon as it starts getting dark the people buckle their seat belts tighter while driving as it is believed that a woman walks along the speedy cars in white saree . Anyone who has stopped the vehicle for the woman is never seen again. Nothing can send chill down your spine than a mysterious woman running parallel to the speed of car.


Dumas Beach,Gujarat.

Dumas beach in Surat is believed to be an ancient hindu burial ground earlier. This black sand beach is said to be haunted with spirits. Though its a tourists spot in the day time with vendors occupying the beach too, but as soon as the dark hits the beach the spirits are believed to become active. The people who have visited the beach have experienced unexplained voices and whispers around, which are enough to scare a person to death.


Shanivarwada Fort,Pune

Shanivarwada was for the Peshwas, and was built in 1730. Unfortunately this ancient structure was burn into ashes in 1828. As we know whenever a historic place or monument was destructed because of some mishappening, it has resulted in it becoming a territory of ghostly presence. It is believed to be haunted with cries of a young prince called Narayanrao was 18 when he was brutually killed. It is believed that he got to know about the queen's plans of killing him, but he couldnt escape. People have claimed that they have listened to his screams for help in Marathi.


South Park Street Cemetery,Kolkata.

South Park Street Cemetery is one of the biggest non-church christian cemeteries in India. When we talk about cemeteries the first thought that comes to our mind is ghosts or paranormal activities. Many of us are lucky to nit have experienced paranormal activities, as it can leave ud dead inside. Many of the people who have visited the cemetery have felt uneasy and breathless after the visit. Many of them have complained extreme breathing problems and lack of sleep. According to human psychology we believe what we see, there are a few people who visited the cemetery and clicked pictures their, have spotted unexplained figures in their pictures which leaves us restless and scared!


Sanjay Van,Delhi.

To believe in the horror stories or not is the biggest dilemma. Sanjay Van is spread in a huge area of 10 km in Delhi and its a huge attraction for people. But its not just a forest! It is a burial home to many sufi saints. Now whenever we come across the term burial we cannot take our mind off from spirits wandering around. A lady in white saree is often witnessed by people who visits the van and can feel a constant eye even when nobody is around. Isn't that chilling enough to make that place haunted! Definitely the place is not for faint hearted.


GP Block,Meerut.

GP Block is condsidered to be the most haunted places in India and even stands in top 20 most haunted places in the world with maximum number of ghostly appearances. The Block was once occupied with a few people who were caretakers of the block, but after repeatedly witnessing a lady in red saree sitting at the rooftop and smiling at them left them scared to death and they left the block. Since then the block is vacant.