8 Indie-pop songs that leaves us nostalgic!

8 Indie-pop songs that leaves us nostalgic!

Let's take a trip to our childhood.

8 Indie-pop songs that leaves us nostalgic!

Back in 90's indie-pop culture carved a niche in the industry and made a special place in our hearts. The kind of music produced back then came like a breeze and stayed like a memory in our hearts forever. From unconventional dance numbers to sizzling romantic mix, 90's music became a golden chapter in the history of music. The album songs back then created a few controversies too. Who can forget Kaanta Lagaa girl? The song faced a lot of speculations for being vulgar, but the controvery short lived and the song became the most popular song of that golden era. Let's travel back the memory lane and feel the hint of breeze again.

Kaanta Laga

The chartbuster video album was a great hit starring short term fame girl Shefali Zariwala. From featuring a nude lady on the magazine to getting the pub stamp on her chest the video made headlines back in 90's. The song became a sensation and was on of the most played songs in every party or event.

Tanha Dil Tanha Safar

This album song by Shaan, won millions of hearts and became an anthem for all the teenagers. The music , the lyrics were so beautiful and meaningful that they directly take you to your childhood and college days.He created music that every person could relate himself to. Shaan also won MTV Asia Award for favourite artist for his album Tanha Dil and was flooded with terms like Voice of youth and Melodious Voice.

O Sanam

Lucky Ali sensationalised music with his peculiar voice and unconventional style of music. He broke the stereotype of sweet voice and made it big with his husky voice. Use of uncoventional raw instruments made his songs a big hit.


Maeri a song that changed the face of independent smusic. Palash Sen came up with indepenedent music with his band Euphoria. Just like the name of his band, his songs gave us exact feeling, Euphoria! Maeri , kabhi aana tu meri gali became chartbusters. Being a doctor and musician at the same time, Palash truely justifies his 

Ishq Tera Tadpawe

This extremely groovy song by "Prince of Bhangra" Sukhbir have made us all dance like crazy in every party or function. Confessed by Sukhbir himself, admits that Ishq Tera Tadpawe has been the turning point for him and has made his career what it is today. This song has made history and is played till today in every wedding function or parties.

Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein

As hot it could get! This song was one of the most finest remix of the old sensual song starring Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat Amaan by Leslie Lewis.

Kya Soorat Hai by Bombay Vikings.

Bombay Vikings introdced us with Indie Pop music. This oddly tripping and groovy song has always made our head go left and right banging! Bombay Viking then came up with Woh Chali Woh Chali and so on and made our childhood wonderful and worth remembering for!

Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi

Who can not recognize Falguni Pathak? A voice behind every young girl's mood back then. From Yaad piya ki aane lagi to Maine payal hai chhankayi she made our lips dance to her beautiful , simple and melodious songs. There would be no school funtion complete without young grils dancing to her songs.